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It tastes, melts, spreads, whips and bakes like butter…only better®

“Necessity is the mother of invention”… and so our non-dairy butter was born. Established in 2013, our non-dairy butter was created because there wasn’t an adequate alternative in the market to use in our baked goods. Made with clean ingredients, our butter is free of dairy, animal cholesterol, additives, oils and gluten. It is a delicious and healthy alternative. The result is a perfect 1:1 replacement for its traditional dairy counterpart in any recipe, any application.

Om-Sweet Home Non Dairy Butter

The Dawning of a New Butter

Moo-ve over dairy butter, our non-dairy butter is here. Look no further; whether you still refer to it as “Bklyn Buttah” or Om Sweet Home Non-Dairy Butter, it’s the only butter you’ll need for your recipes….IYKYK.

  • Lactose/Dairy Free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Nut Free
  • Soy Free
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Non-GMO

Local Artisans

We love our local community of creative bakers, chefs and artisans. And they love our butter…

Britt Berlin

“It honestly makes the most dreamy, lush buttercream you could imagine…”

Britt Berlin

Fran Costigan from Rouxbe Culinary School reviews Om Sweet Home's Non-dairy Butter

“…it does not melt at room temperature is a plus, as it can be used for laminated doughs too…”

Fran Costigan


“A vegan butter alternative that cooks and bakes like butter, without all the extra junk in it!”

Cara Di Falco

Makenna Michelle, Vegan Chef and Restaurant Consultant, reviewing Om Sweet Home's Non-dairy Butter

“…Om butter is the best for making laminated doughs, it behaves just like non vegan butter…”

Makenna Hale

Alex Mahoney, chef reviews Om Sweet Home's Vegan Butter

“…a perfect replacement for regular butter in any recipe at home or in any professional kitchen…”

Alex Mahoney

“…it’s the best vegan butter on the market…”

Brian Mahoney

Remy Morimoto Park

“…it’s hard to find a good vegan butter that behaves the way conventional butter does…”

Remy Morimoto Park

Adam Sobel uses Om-Sweet Home Vegan Butter

“Great flavor, nice baking performance … I love that it’s light on the allergens and easy on the planet.”

Adam Sobel

Chef's Brittany Soto & Justine Soto

“It’s the only non-dairy butter that met our criteria of being firm, palm oil, nut and preservative free.”

Brittany & Justine Soto

Join Our Community

Are you interested in making the switch to our non-dairy butter in your bakery, products or recipes?

Dawn Pascale of Om Sweet Home

Made with Love & Our Dairy-Free Butter

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