Classes & Events

Classes & Events

Guests at OM Sweet Home baking classes have a chance to bake a delicious dessert from scratch and, of course, indulge! We can focus your class on the entire baking experience from start to finish or work on decorating techniques. We can focus on cupcakes or cakes, but as with all things OM Sweet Home, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll create a customized experience. Whatever you decide, you and your friends will get a chance to ask questions and learn all about baking and decorating in a relaxed, “you’re with family” atmosphere.

All classes are led by the owner of OM Sweet Home, Dawn Pascale.

one-on-one baking

One-on-One Classes

2 hours, $90

In your kitchen or ours: Ideal for those interested in a one-on-one, personal session to unlock some secrets to successful cake or cupcake baking and decorating.

group baking classes

Group Classes

$55/per person, per hour

In your kitchen: Perfect for a bachelorette party, wedding shower, or holiday parties. We also offer very basic cake and cupcake decorating workshops at reduced prices for children’s birthday and Halloween parties.